Drug companies gloss over side effects!

Now I don’t make a practice to read women’s magazines, but recently while waiting for my physician to make her appearence I glanced through one. To my horror, I found an ad for the osteoporosis medicine, Reclast, that heavily promoted its use. Their boast was ” one annual dose of Reclast …makes it possible to increase your bone mass without weekly or monthly osteoporosis pills.”.Now in order to be effective for a whole year this drug is given by injection-and that’s where the problem occurs-at least as it relates to your dental health. All osteoporisis drugs affect the jawbone, in fact they affect all bones. But, if you take an oral medicine your risk of osteonecrosis-a failure of jawbone healing and resulting in an unhealed wound in your mouth- is minimal. The risks of the drug are significantly outweighed by its benefits. However, if you take an injectable drug, it has been shown that there is a much, much greater chance of developing necrosis (bone death) in your mouth. Reclast seems to be marketing itself as a convenient alternative. If your physician strongly recommends this drug ask him/her-would a pill be just as effective? If it is-stay with the pill. The injectable bisphosphonate ddrugs, of which Reclast is one, can makeit  so that any treatment involving your jawbone, may have very bad results. You cnnot predict when you might need an extraction and an implanted tooth.   Reclast might make it impossible to have this kind of treatment.  If you are on Fosamax, or some other oral pill, it is generally thought that your risks are small of developing problems in your mouth. So-my advice is to BE VERY WARY of injectible osteoporosis drugs.

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